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An online place with real people who have the chance to meet for real, to get acquainted, to socialize and to develop activities together. 
Selective community for smart and cheerful people! NOT a matrimonial agency!

• 2meet meetings

6 girls + 6 boys = 4 hours of entertainment!
2meet ConceptSocializing games conceived as an organized contest with scoring and prizes! The participants will be involved in the games – playing individual, in pairs or in teams. Next-meeting
2meet Purpose - social impact and personal development.
For expats or being temporarily in Romania – GET TO KNOW romanian people better!
PICK YOUR SEAT at the meeting from Saturday, May 23 intalnirea lion king
• This Saturday, instead of staying home, Come and play with us!
We meet up with other members of 2meet Community   •We get acquainted with NEW people  We have fun in the contest of action, interraction and socialization games •We gain points and win PRISES wtrangem puncte si castigam PRIZES! • On your mark, Get set, GO! 182
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PICK YOUR SEAT at the meeting from Sunday, May 24 aphrodite1
• Dear Sunday – it’s sunny, it’s funny! 
 •Let’s energize! – Life it’s nice and it’s a pleasure to spend time with new people   •Let’s enjoy the power of Share, in an entertaining contest with games that will activate us for the next week! m4NbjzLh
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• V&GO – Visiting & Going out

Quality tour of the City - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 19:00-22:30, at your request! 
GO OUT in town with a 2meet guiding tour and also with other members of 2meet Community that will accompany you in an enjoyable tour of the city attractions - see here! which 2meet Community Members are interested in assisting the V&GO tours.
Let us know when you want to visit the town and we will arrange all the details for you! 
We guarentee you the best quality tour, with quality Community people! 


• C&Pub – Clubbing & Pubbing

Quality tour of Night Life - Friday, Saturday, 11pm-3am, at your request! Come with us to best places in town! There will be an animated night, full with Bucharest colors, dance and Fun! Fun! Fun! 
 You will have the possibility to party in the Old Center being accompanied by a 2meet Assistant and other 2meet Community Members.
 See here! which 2meet Community Members are interested in coming to C&Pub.
Let us know when you are in the mood to party and we will arrange all the details for you! We guarentee you the best night tour, with quality people! 

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Common info about Romania
Spoken language: Romanian
Capital: Bucharest (2,2 mil)
Currency: LEU (1 euro = 4,5 lei)
People: friendly and welcoming

Form: Semiprezidential Republic
President: Klauss Iohannis 47883-klaus-iohannis2-300x200_LInternational: Romania is a Member of NATO (2004) and European Union (2007)

Attractions and Personalities:
Transylvania, Maramures, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj, DraculaGeorge Enescu, Constantin Brancuri, Nicolae Grigorescu, Ana Aslan, Nadia Comaneci, Gica Hagi, Ilie Nastase, Simona Halep  

Get more details about Romania

Romanian Rhapsody no. 1 Composer – George Enesco, Conductor – Mariss Jansons – Waldbühne 1994. Best interpretation ever of Enescu Rhapsody no. 1 – Mariss Jansons felt exactly the Romanian Spirit, it’s like Enesco himself taught him about the beauty, joy and energy of Romanian Soul. Bravo, Maestro!


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